A Complete Coaching Model

Every Coach who has given thought to their coaching works to a coaching model and understands the place for their coaching of an individual rider within that model.

Each rider brings their established skills and fitness to each coaching session and it is the job of a Coach to help the rider develop their skills and/or fitness based on the rider’s needs at the time.

The Complete Coaching Model Explained

A rider needs skills (Skills Acquisition) and fitness (Physical Training) in different proportions. For convenience the model shows them in equal measure but, in reality, that is rarely the case.

Skills Acquisition

Every rider, even accomplished riders, need to acquire appropriate skills for their riding style, bike, riding locations, etc. The skills they need fall, broadly, into three categories: Core, Basic, Advanced.

Usually, new riders (following all the how-to videos and articles) begin by trying to master skills such as the bunny hop, track stands, manuals and wheelies without realising that there is a whole bunch of Core Skills that need to be acquired.

RadGrandad ‘Drills For Skills’ Group will help you acquire those Core Skills based around body position enabling the flexibility both physical and mental needed around the bike.

Good riders will always practice and ‘Drills For Skills’ helps you develop the ‘Practice Habit’. Even accomplished riders developing their Advanced Skills will still find time to practice and affirm both Core and Basic skills.

Physical Training

Riding a bike requires fitness. You don’t have to be super-fit and if you develop your fitness through training you will be more able to develop your Skills and enjoy your riding.

Physical Training broadly fall into three elements, some Coaches might refer to them as Phases, but I prefer to use the term elements: Endurance, Aerobic, Anaerobic. A varied and supportive training plan will include all three elements with emphasis on each element dependent upon the physical needs of the rider and their ‘A Event’.

Currently, I’m not focussing on physical training at RadGrandad but can offer support, advice and guidance to any rider who wishes to develop their fitness alongside their skills.

My personal experience in racing time trials and cyclosportives (races not UK sportive-style rides in Europe where I achieved several podium places in my age category), might be useful to you.

Where do you fit into this model?

How we see ourselves and our skill level is always different from how others see us.

You might think that you’ve got the core skills nailed until you can’t quite manage to manual like people in the videos. Maybe there’s something that a Coach can see but you and your riding buddies can’t?

Wherever you fit in the Coaching Model, whatever your fitness level, there are always improvements that can be made and a Coach will find the smartest and best way to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t take my word for it!

OK, this is one of those ‘nothing to lose’ suggestions.

Click ‘Register Me’ in the top menu and register yourself on this web site. You’ll automatically be added to two online groups:

  • Drills For Skills, and
  • Coaching.

Drills For Skills

Being a part of this online group gives you access to RadGrandad’s Drills For Skills. These are all Core Skills and drills that you can practice at home, on your driveway, in a car park, in the park, in fact anywhere there is a little space. All you have to do is commit 15 – 30 minutes every day practicing those Core Skills and get them totally dialled in.

And, by the way, your access is totally free and you can leave the group and/or delete your account at any time.

Plus, if there’s anything not working for you, just reach out using Messenger on this web site and I’ll try and help.


Being a part of this group, gives you access to both face-to-face skills coaching and/or guided trail rides in mid-Cornwall. If you live locally or are visiting on holiday, this is a no-brainer because for a small charge and a time commitment of one to three hours, your riding will improve.

You can book a slot online and, if for any reason, you have to cancel we can try to re-schedule.

Enjoy your riding! 👍