Core MTB Skills – What are they?

Ask most MTB riders to list the basic skills every MTB rider should be able to do and you’ll get a list that includes:

  • Manual;
  • Bunny Hop;
  • Pumping;
  • And so on …

All are excellent skills to have in your armoury for conquering trails both natural and man-made but …

And there’s a big BUT …

Before you can think about acquiring those skills you do need to have made the core skills almost automatic.

Skills Acquisition

Acquiring new skills or developing established skills is a simple process. It’s all about practice and a commitment to practice is vital.

Too often we just ride our bikes and at times it gets a bit sketchy (scary) because we exceed our skill level. We rarely take the time to work out which skill we need so that the section is not sketchy, we just carry on with our ride.

Nine times out of ten, the skill we lack is a core skill. There is something fundamental that we’re missing in our armoury.

Skill Building Blocks

Each skill we learn is made up of a number of core skills. The core skills are like bricks in a wall. If the wall is missing a brick, the wall becomes unstable. If we’re missing a core skill or it’s poorly applied, the section of trail were attempting feels sketchy at best and Outside our comfort zone.

What are the core skills?

The core skills are all those skills which we sometimes take for granted when riding on the road such as balance, steering and also body position, pedal position and lots of other core skills which when they are truly embedded will make your off-road riding experience so much easier and more fun!

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